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Trio of Good Samaritan Amber Glass Candles

Trio of Good Samaritan Amber Glass Candles


Used for thousands of years for their healing properties,  The Good Samaritan candle is made with a perfect blend of organic essential oils. Warm and fragrant, it is suitable for the home or work place. Made with 51% bees wax and 49% natural soy wax which makes them clean burning ideal for use as a blessed candle.


Beeswax contracts as it cools so the candle may not adhere to the edge of the glass, hence it is more commonly used in pillar candles. However, being within a container protects the flame and the amber jar enhances the beautiful glow. A beeswax flame is reputedly the most similar in colour to that of natural sunlight. Amber glass also protects the essential oils from light damage but do not place the candle in direct sunlight.


Having a trio of candles enables them to be used in multiple rooms or they can be lit alternately so as not to exceed the 4 hour burn limit. Do not burn for more than 4 hours at a time, otherwise the flame will become too large and could present a hazard. If you wish to burn it for longer then trim the wick and relight it. Aways trim wick to 7mm before use.


Per jar: Net 150g. Burn time 35-38 hours.

Total Net weight 450g. total butn time 105-114 hours

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