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Organic Coconut & Sweet Almond Moisturiser  140g

Organic Coconut & Sweet Almond Moisturiser 140g


A rich moisturising cream for face, hands or body that will gently rehydrate and soften your skin. Apply as required but especially good as a night. With Geranium & Lavender essential oils.


We use Geogarde Ultra as the preservative in all of our water based creams. There is not currently a 100% natural preservative on the market but we believe that this is the best alternative. We do not use parabens, formaldahyde releasers, Isothiazolinones or Phenoxyethanol which are the most common preservatives in cosmetics, despite being known skin irritants and/or carcinogens. We make our creams in small batches, often when ordered. Geogarde Ultra preserves products for a guaranteed minimum of 12 months. For this reason all of our creams will come with a "best before" date of 6 to 12 months. Best before means that it can be used beyond this date (I am currently using a Gardener's Hand Cream made over three years ago) but very occasionally a cream will go bad shortly after the 12 month window. To avoid this happening, we recommend that you do not open your cream (to smell it, for example) until you intend using it, as contact with the air may introduce contaminants that could affect its shelf life. Please store creams away from sources of heat such as radiators and direct sunlight. Please do get in contact if you have any questions or concerns.


Ingredients: Aqua-water, Prunus Amygdalis Dulcus - Sweet Almond Oil, Cocos Nucifera-Organic Virgin Coconut Oil, Cetearyl Alcohol, Steareth 21, Glycerine, Geogard Ultra, Stearic Acid, Lavandula angustifolia oil (Lavender), Graveolens pelargonium leaf oil (Geranium), Citric Acid.

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