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Oil of St. Joseph

Oil of St. Joseph


The Oil of Saint Joseph


Message given by Saint Joseph to Brother Agustin of the Divine Heart on March 26, 2009


Heed the wise advice of my beloved wife, Mary, keep it in your heart, meditate about it and live according to it. Keep the simplicity and purity of your heart so that you are true offerings of love to the Divine Victim. Don't put me aside in your lives, I was the only man on earth in which God found complacency. Give me your inner life and I will enrich it. I will give you a gift tonight, beloved children of my Son Jesus: The Oil of St. Joseph. An Oil that will be a Divine help for this end of time; an oil that will serve you for your physical health and your spiritual health; an oil that will free you and protect you from the enemy's stalking. I am the terror of demons and, therefore, today I put in your hands my blessed oil.


Spread it, it will be useful for all mankind. Men will receive rest from their spiritual, physical and moral sorrows.


It is prepared it as follows:

1. Take a quarter of olive oil (250 milliliters) and seven lilies. In case of not getting lilies you can change it for roses (7 roses), of any color, less white than those of the Blessed Virgin. The rest of the instruction remains the same.

2. Put the lilies (or roses) for seven days in front of my (blessed) image.

3. Then, peel the petals and put it in the oil and heat it on low heat for seven minutes.

4. Take the petals out of the oil, drain them well and keep the oil.


During the seven days I will pour graces, special blessings on those lilies. That is my oil, beloved children, the Oil of St. Joseph. I repeat it to you. It will be a breastplate that will protect you, against every demonic spirit, it will strengthen you in your trials, it will encourage you in your walk, it will heal your body, spirit and soul. I repeat, the oil of St. Joseph: seven lilies placed in front of my image for seven days, referring to my seven pains and seven joys; In addition the number seven indicates perfection and I will give you, through the daily anointing with this oil: perfection and growth in your inner life.

When you feel despondency, anoint yourself in your chest and you will receive strength, relief. When you suffer on your body, anoint yourself. Anoint with my oil the sick of body and soul. Anoint with my oil the possessed, the demonized, the devil will flee from all these people who are attacked by the spirits of the underworld.


How heaven consents you; how heaven deposits great treasures in your hands.

Saint Joseph oil: healing balm, releasing balm, regenerating balm.

I love you, beloved children of my Son Jesus.

I bless you Amen.


At eight days later (April 3), Saint Joseph says:


You have already obtained the first oil. Make many people do it. This oil is healing, it is a balm of peace for the soul. When you feel trouble apply it to your chest and you will receive peace. The oil and lilies should be placed on a Wednesday (before the blessed image of St. Joseph) and on the following Wednesday prepare it (points 3 and 4 described above in the previous message) on my day dedicated to my worship and my devotion. This oil has great graces, great blessings. Anoint daily and keep a reserve of this oil. Do not forget to bring my scented lilies and make more oil, from Wednesday to Wednesday, so that you have a supply.


Padre Pio about the Oil of St. Joseph

Padre Pio says in a separate part of his speech to Augustine of the Divine Heart, on December 26, 2010, about the Oil of St. Joseph as follows:

"You are at the end of time, the great tribulation is coming. Have sufficient reserve of St. Joseph's oil. A great epidemic will spread like a plague. This oil will be the antidote, the medicine."


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This is a blessed oil and cannot be sold. I keep a small quantity of this oil and will enclose it  on request if ordered with other products. 

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